The Possibilities Are Endless

At META-V our mix of proprietary catalysts and customised mesaporous structures has been created by our top quality team of 6 PhD chemists, led by our highly published, award winning Chief Scientist.  

We have extensively tested, both in the lab and in the field, the science and engineering.  We are confident in our claim to be able to extract well over 95% of lithium contained within any liquid medium - whether that be our primary focus (production waste water from Oil and Gas), or other aqueous forms of lithium such as brines or geothermal waters - as well as other valuable chemical "wastes" such as bromine.

This is just the beginning for us, we see this technology and our research taking us to even greater places, but for now we are focused on our discovery of the cheapest and greenest way to extract a substance (lithium) that is in huge demand